Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to make a strong penis

If the size, strength and toughness to increase, it is a challenge for most people the penis. While there are endless ointments, powders, it is a drive that has helped. The question is, how many of them are really reliable.
Strong penis is not a futile task, which could not be reached. When a young person it is convinced that the penis naturally fast and strong, but if, on the contrary, this article it helps to fear. On the other hand, getting gradually less active and sexual hormones. Strong production suffered the penis sex hormones, seriously.
If you want to more sex hormones of them, proceed as follows:
1. the right to food: a gigantic penis is expensive for the body. Member States need the nutrients and maintenance of healthy blood. When you eat to increase good nutrients that are necessary for the production of a variety of sex hormones on the issue of the strong and healthy penis. Examples of recommended foods are additional dietary fiber low saturated fatty acids. You should also daily zinc food. Zinc is necessary for the production of testosterone and sperm count of the seeds moisture. This mineral can be found in the liver, fish and seafood, peas and beans.
2 Vitamin supplements: Vitamins are also known to increase the sex hormones. Vitamins A, B, C, E, zinc, chromium and L-arginine are known to be the health of the penis, but make sure that you can consult with your doctor before drugs.
In addition to the production of hormones and other methods, a strong penis include:
3. Implementation: the form and the manner, that you feel you and your trust. You can include swimming, cycling, running, and go fast for at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week.
4: Jelqing Jelqing (country exercises complement) blood from the penis and penis extension. Jelqing I contains milking cock with their hands from the base to the tip. The advantage of this method is that it will grow the penis Chamber and preserve more results of blood in a huge penis, a thick.
5. the hitch: This is also known as a penis extender. This is a test for a small and light device, doctors at the erect penis. The device is a small voltage in the penis when it leads to the proliferation of tissue. The other tissue is stronger and bigger his penis. Beauty can pants to wear stealth.
Here is a step by the device:
The Insert basic circuits in penis devices.
(II) the belt soft comfort, handling and equipment safely carefully extraction, as long as the loopback address
III. adjust the voltage of the device. The two pillars of the length of the bar of the penis of the desired voltage and then increases tension on the torsion penis can be adapted to key Extender.
IV. in principle, which is connected to the end of the penis extender the penis. Once or the extension of the penis can then extract the key.
It should be noted that the device, loose shorts or sweat works best. Trousers be worn if worn in the traction device.
In addition, his penis is large and powerful, can also help, your ejaculation increases its strength in the DNA, the less blood circulation, especially in the sexual desires of the penis.
Statistics show that about every day they used men, small units of 100 000, which is in order to improve your sex life.


  1. Homeopathy has enough medicine to make penis strong and more powerful.

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  4. i want to make my penis long......
    nd i fuse my sperm within 3-4 minutes during sex... plzz suggest something from wich my sperm not fuses before 10-20 minutes... plzzzz


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